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The Four Marks are those marks that distinguish the true Church: She is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. The traditional Catholic newspaper, The Four Marks, is intended to help unite Catholics by resolving differences through careful study and prayerful discussion.

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I was baptized, received my first Communion and Confirmation before Vatican II. No, I wasn’t one of the first to know what was happening, or realize the significance, but I have fought Modernism since the 1960s. And yet in many ways, I fell prey to it. Like most who will read this, I love my Faith and want it steadfastly preserved. May God help us –and please remember me in your prayers. -Kathleen Plumb, Editor/Publisher The Four Marks See my websites:

Friday, June 29, 2007

Defense of Abp. Pierre Martin Thuc

I have asked the SSPV to accept The Answers to their publicly held "doubts" concerning the consecrations and validity of Abp. Thuc. My June editorial addressing this issue, may be read at on the editorial page (see left sidebar.) Most of the original SSPV priests believe the consecrations ARE valid --all but Bp. Kelly, Fr. Jenkins, and Fr. Skierka. Please pray for them.

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